Why I Write

Hello Everybody! This is my first official post on this site. I rather object to the term “post”. I prefer to think of my writings as small stories unto themselves, but blog, post etc, are the words used to define storytelling on the internet.It would seem that the object is to advertise and draw attention to one’s writings. Like…Hey world, check out my stuff! I am just dying for feed back. I always enjoy knowing that somebody has found some enjoyment from my writing, but i do not write for gratification. I write mainly, because it allows me to share a thought or idea with others, it enables me to express myself freely and it is good for unburdening 0f the mind. I have difficulty in speaking to others as i seem to lack proper social skills that enable me to converse with people who’s subject matter is of no interest to me and who’s meaningless chatter I find annoying. There is nothing I enjoy as much as a one on one conversation with a person of some intellect and grasp of their subject matter. The pleasure of sharing information, ideas, opinions and knowledge is immense. As I am not a big television fan, nor avid social net worker, I formulate my own opinions on things based largely upon finding the facts. Which isn’t to say that my opinions and ideas are any more  important than anyone elses, but they are my own.

I am hopeful, that by posting my thoughts to a site such as this, I may find others who share my feelings and thus, establish a repore in which I can gain additional information and develop some ongoing conversations. I thirst for knowledge and answers. most often to questions that have no ready answers. But i have found that by exchanging information, I gain valuable incite into the minds of others and how they feel about certain issues that trouble me. Issues that effect the entire world and the very future of our species.

So, feel feel free to respond to my postings and add your own ideas as well. I will reply and who knows? Our exchanges could be beneficial to all of us who seek to understand this world in which I feel like such an alien.

I look forward to hearing from you. Merry Christmas and hopes for a better year ahead for one and all.

                                                              Sincerely, Katheryn